Bark Mulch

Premium Shredded Hardwood Bark Mulch is a wholly organic horticultural ground cover manufactured from the bark of hardwood trees. The bark is sorted, screened, and mechanically shredded to medium fine consistency and aged to a rich chocolate brown color.

Premium Shredded Hardwood Bark Mulch is an outstanding, highly versatile mulch designed for all landscape applications. Its shredded texture allows for superior weed prevention and moisture retention as the shredded pieces have a tendency to “knit” together and provide superior holding power on hills and high drainage areas.

The versatility of bark mulch make it great for bedding around trees and shrubs, on flower beds, walkways and jogging trails. It is great ground cover that serves as a true soil conditioner over time and won’t crust, blow, or wash away. Bark mulch is the most economical ground cover for natural areas.

Mulch also has many benefits in landscaping. It reduces soil compaction, suppresses weed growth, conserves moisture in the soil, insulates against extreme temperatures, enriches the soil, is decorative, and by eliminating the need to mow and trim around tree trunks, stops equipment damage to plant bark.

Mulch is also a lovely backdrop for shrubs, trees, and flowers, providing a beautiful contrast in texture and color. Properly mulched pathways provide a durable surface for foot traffic.

Bark mulch is very cost effective! Your landscaping could become more exciting, more colorful and beautiful by using bark mulch around your trees and shrubs, on your flower beds, on walkways, in playgrounds or anywhere you can think to put nature’s greatly versatile material to work.

Here is a list of some of the advantages of Lapp Lumber Co bark mulch

  • 100 % organic, decomposes into humus
  • Helps regulate soil temperature
  • Helps retain moisture content in soil
  • Improves the soil texture
  • Eliminates water and wind erosion
  • Won’t crust, blow, or wash away
  • Helps keep weeds from growing
  • Will not overtax soil’s nitrogen
  • True soil amendment

Mulch can be used in walkways, jogging trails, and playgrounds as well. The possibilities are endless.

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